Friday, February 1, 2008

Got the~*CRaP~ Scared Outta Me

Daddy had to get tough me with cos I wanted to hump on the kitteh. Kitteh was havin' none of it. I was persistent. Daddy then got mean and held me down. I got all a-scareded and I'm not kidding - poo actually came outta my butt. Momma found three little bits in various areas on the kitchen floor (which prompted massive amounts of squealing, scrubbing, spraying, re-scrubbing, and re-spraying). It looked strangely similar to a raisinette. I don't fully recall when the exactly the raisinettes popped out, but there they lay... mini doggie land mines, just waiting for an unsuspecting bare foot or toe to sink into 'em.

Edited to add: okay okay... I really don't think daddy scared the sh*t outta me, but rather it was the effects of the amoxicillin. Fun.

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