Friday, February 1, 2008


OMG, yesterday was, like, the worst. day. evah.

The kitteh and I got dropped off at the vet's this morning for some serious torture. We got our teeth cleaned, and I got x-ray'd. They even got pictures of my intestinal gas!!! I feel so exposed! Can't a girl get any privacy around here anymore?!

We were both getting over our grogginess when momma came to pick us up in the evening. We pranced outta the vet's office with cute li'l bandanas - although I think the kitteh pee'd on his. Seriously... the kitteh smells like pee (take a good whiff, daddy). I would like to take credit for it, but I think he did it to himself.

So the good news... everything checked out fine! I'm healthy as a horse! X-rays, blood work, etc... all were a-OK. So, that pretty much seals my fate. And my peeps' fate. And the kitteh's fate. Poor kitteh.

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TheDaddy said...

How many accident free days in a row has it been Ella? You're starting to turn the corner!