Sunday, January 27, 2008


What? Why does my momma have a look of horror on her face? It was just a little schnibblet of yesterday's poo. I did let it drop out of my mouth after she told me to "leave it". Now she won't let me near her, and she's calling me poopy breath. How rood! I've written a song to sing my woes (to the tune of Pat Benatar's "Heartbreaker"):

My poo is like a soft serve cone, other times it's not
Sometimes when you're not watching me, I eat it when it's hot
I'm the right kind of sneaky, you're searching in the dark for me
It's a tasty treat you see, and I know that I was born to be

I'm a crap-maker
dump-taker, poo-eater
Don't you mess around with me
I'm a crap-maker
dump-taker, poo-eater
Don't you mess around ... no no no


Kiko and Josie said...

Hey, Ella! We just got caught up on your progress--sounds like things are going good!! You are one beautiful grrl!! We know your peeps are sunk--you are STAYIN'!!

And for the record, we like to sample the backyard buffet too. Don't understand the pawrents concern, we are just helping keep the backyard what if we have poo breath and some awful farts later?? Hoomans!!

We love ya--can't wait to see your Dogster page!


Winston, Hartford and Abby from Dogster said...

Our mom is big on recycling and we like to help by recycling our food via our poo! She doesn't agree though.
Love, our pack