Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Too Much of a Good Thang...

Oh man... I loved going into work with momma. It made me feel so important, walking through the halls and into the office like I was *meant* to be there.

Everyone wanted to say hello, pet me, and the best part...?
I got tons of treats! :o)

The worst part...?
I got tons of treats. :o(

Mah bellay isn't used to such abundance of chicken strips.

Oh! But don't worry... I didn't do anything to embarrass momma at work (other than the two farts).

Nope. I was a good girl, and saved it until we got home.

My stomach went *gurgle*
Other parts went *splat*

Ugh, those treats don't feel so good coming out as they did going down.

I won't, uh, bore you with the gory details, but it involved a bath, hosing down the crate, and placing the bedding and toys that were in the crate in a garbage bag labeled "biohazard".

Hey, life's never boring when I'm around! :o)

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