Friday, January 11, 2008

'ello There!

My name's Ella! I am a one year-old brindle pitbull mutt. Nice lady Lora from the Animal Adoption and Rescue Foundation (AARF) rescued me from a mean ol' man who had me stuffed in a kitty carrier. He was going to leave me behind if no one took me home. Luckily Lora scooped me up and has been fostering me for five months. On January 11, 2008, I started a trial run with my temporary-peeps Jason and Nancy.

Lemme tell ya... they ain't nevah seen the likes of me before. The last doggie they had totally ruined them for other doggies: minimal training, smart as a whip, pee'd and poo'd on command, dainty and polite.

Me? My first night with them, I pee'd in the sunroom. I counter-surf. I'm ALL muscle (all 36.6 lbs of me - even my tail, when whipped into a frenzy, can give you fifty lashes). As Rajah Q. has so aptly noted... I've got some pretty big pawprints to fill.

BUT, I am *so* affectionate (I love to snuggle). And I am *so* smart (I can sit like it's nobody's business)... but no one's ever taken the time to work with me before. So to put it nicely: I am a challenge. Not some outta the box doggie. Nope. No plug and play. Nuh-uh. Oh, and definitely some assembly required. Also required... a great deal of patience and consistency. :o) These peeps are in for a bumpy ride.


Maggs said...

Hiya, Ella! You are just gorgeous!

Pongzywelldi said...

So, we're obviously suckers for any kind of pit bull (especially brindle mixes - so says Bodhi); we lurve the name Ella 'cause it sounds kinda like "Bella" which is another name used for Isabella/Izzy so it has to be a cool name, huh; AND you sure are purty! Best of luck navigating your new (forever?) home Ella! We give you 2 paws up :)
Love and kisses,
Pongo, Izzy, Max and Bodhi


Hi Ella,
What a beautiful puppers!
(Your eyes are the same color as Priscilla's.)
Let's see~ Smart, Beautiful, Brindle, and Yellowish/Green eyes!
We're rooting for you!
the 'Beezers
(with paws & sticks crossed)
Sending you all kinds of LOVE
2 paws up!