Friday, January 25, 2008

Thnks Fr Th Mmrs

Ahhh, my first paper towel shredding incident... I remember it fondly as if it were just yesterday.

It *was* yesterday!

My peeps left me in the car last night while they went to get some dinner. They came out 45 minutes later they found the remains of a shredded paper towel strewn all over the front seats.

I found this delectable crumpled paper towel - I believe it was cheese flavored - on the floor of the front seat. Naturally, I was only trying to help by disposing of the refuse.

Did they thank me? NO!
Ungrateful wretches.

Me - with mah big head - in the car (pre-towel shredding incident):


Bodhi said...

Well, the picture confirms it... I'm in love. You, me, a bowl of wine, a Kong with peanut butter, a full moon... that would be a dream come true for me :)

Rajah Q said...

BOL!!! Check out that noggin!! yowza!!! Lookin' Good!!

scout said...

You have that crazed look of one about to shred something! Not that I would know of that personally...uhum....
I tried to eat the parking brake once when mom left me in the car. I can't say that it was as tasty as a cheese flavored paper towel, but it might have had some foody smell on it and I was bored, sooooo...
It still has my teeth marks on it!