Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Kitteh, Bum Pokin's, and Baths

Today, I got to meet the kitteh. We met outside on neutral territory. We sniffed. I chased. He hissed. I may have tried to hump him (but the holly bushes obscured the view). He ran. I chased some more. It was fun. I tried to pee on him, but he was just too fast - that little bugger. Don't worry though - I will not disappoint the polling public. I will get him... soon.

I also went to the vet today. I got poked and prodded in the most intrusive manner imaginable. How rood! They made up for their rudeness by petting me and calling me cute. I can dig dat. I gots an A+ on my report card too! W00t! Yes, I know I rawk, Dr. Kreeger. I hafta go back next week to get my chest & intestinal x-ray, and I'm gonna get my teeth cleaned too. Luckily for *them*, I'll be knocked out while they do all this cos if I were awake, I would *so* throw a puppy princess-sized hissy fit.

Dr. Kreeger also gave us some of this new shampoo (with essential fatty acids - oOoOooo!) to use cos evidently my coat and skin are dry. My momma gets to give me a bath EVERY week. WOo! It's her dream come true. Seriously. It is. Luckily for her, I don't mind baths. Yet. We'll see.

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Rajah Q said...

Sweet! An A+!!!! Does your superstar grade mean you get to stay!?!?!?!?!