Thursday, January 17, 2008

Doggie Superstore?!

My peeps took me to Petsmart on Wednesday night to find me a grrrly collar.

Oh. My. Dog. Why have I never been in this place before?! They had row upon row of treats and snackies - all at snout level!!! I picked out a lamb and brown rice roll and also sample-licked some other shrink-wrapped roasted bone thingies. Oh. I am not allowed to lick those? Oops.

We tried on all kinds of collars, but you know what color suited me best? PINK! Yes! But they didn't have my size - they were all too big. :o(

I have a big head, but evidently my neck isn't ginormously oversized. In fact, I've got a long, slender, graceful neck. Sounds like I'm gonna get a custom made collar. WoOoo!


Winston, Hartford and Abby from Dogster said...

Does the custom made collar mean that you're staying! Oh, please say yes!!!!!

Ella said...

It's looking pretty good... we're actually scheduled for a vet visit on Tuesday! :o)

Bodhi from dogster said...

I too have a long, thin and graceful neck to accentuate my large noggin'. I think this look will certainly be "in" this season. We are trendsetters, aren't we?
BTW - I'm thisclose to peeing in excitement... waiting for the final verdict on your furever home!!!


Nali said...

If you can find them Rajah and I love our Ruffwear collars - and they have plenty of girly designs!
I have my paws crossed that you're staying! You are too cute to not keep blogging!!