Saturday, January 19, 2008

What A Day!!!

Wowzas! Today was an amazing day! I went shopping with my peeps and we went to Petsmart AGAIN! Different location this time. I loooved meeting the peoples. The other doggies, eh... not so much. I kinda grrrr'd at the big ones. Is that bad?? My peeps think so. :o(

My peeps bought a new collar for me!! It's kinda grrrly, but not grrrrly enough - it'll do for now, though. It's pink and brown and white - just like me! :o)

We came home, and all I wanted to do was play play play! I de-stuffed! I ran! I pee'd (oops)! I played some more! I ran some more! I pee'd again (outside this time)! I ate! I drank! I de-stuffed some more toys! I have been going on strong for almost seven hours straight.

My peeps are wondering who took their sweet, sleepy puppy and replaced it with this hell-hound?! Did someone pull a switcheroo at Petsmart?! They have never seen my wildness sustained for such a long period of time. Puppy power!

Check out my big head in this photo:

But now, I'm paying for it as I can barely keep my big head up. It went *plonk* on the pillow and I haven't moved since. Zzzzzz...


Bodhi said...

We are so alike it's spooky! Sometimes I suddenly have the urge to just run, run, run whether anyone is running with me or not. Inside, outside, on the couch, over the couch around the kitchen!!! Whew! Then... zzzzzzz - sound asleep. We could be soul-mates :)
You're purty!
Bodhi from dogster

Winston, Hartford and Abby from Dogster said...

We LOVE your big head! oh the brains you must have! We're still keeping our paws crossed for the adoption. We know you'll eventually get where to peeeeeee the pee and do the doo.
Love, our pack

Rajah Q said...

Love love love the new pix!! You are such a cutie!!